Weekend Heller: Trump’s Rainbow

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Otto Steininger predicts this election year’s hottest colors. I asked him why:

“When I decided to do a piece on Trump I realized that one cannot cover the wide spectrum of incendiary rhetoric that has come flying out of his mouth over the past few months in just one image.

“As someone who almost never watches TV, I had this still image of a screaming, red-faced Trump in my mind.

“That led to the idea of a color spectrum from a pink screaming Trump to a ruby screaming Trump, and giving each hue a name. The catalog of verbal offenses, many of which even members of his own party find him guilty of, is staggering: racism, facism, misogyny, xenophobia, bigotry and on and on.”


“For the longest time people from both sides of the political spectrum thought they could laugh him off, including myself. But Trump is an extremely dangerous man. Even if he doesn’t secure the Republican nomination, let alone become president, he has already done a lot of damage by telegraphing that it is now OK to be openly racist and xenophobic, insult large parts of the population and, worst of all, by giving that most insidious brand of racism an unprecedented boost: thanks to Trump, White Supremacism is now a ‘trending color.'”

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