Weekend Heller: What is Vigital Arts? What is Alternative Printing?

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Zimbabwe’s Digital Future

The Zimbabwe Institute of Vigital Arts or ZIVA was founded by Saki Mafundikwa in 1999 as the first school of digital design, new media and visual communication in Zimbabwe. Mafundikwa, a typographer, graphic designer, photographer, filmmaker and recent TED Talks speaker, returned to his country and amidst social and political upheavals managed to found and recently expand ZIVA into a program that galvanizes intrinsic values found in design. Go here to learn more about ZIVA and its fundraising campaign.

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Since its birth ZIVA has produced students such as Nontsikelelo Mutiti who received her MFA in design from Yale University, Maxine Chikumbo who now attends Cooper Union, and Christopher Masonga who in 2003 was awarded the Type Director’s Club of New York City’s Scholarship award. ZIVA is sending a new generation of designers and artists onto an arts scene that is in the midst of a 4th generation pop art movement.

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Still, dreams accomplished and institutions established require continued support. The goal is $100,000. The funds will be allocated to changing HP laptops to powerful desktop computers, changing Photoshop CS2 to the most current Adobe Suite software, updating technical design manuals to the latest on the market, to expanding faculty, and last but definitely not least, to providing full scholarships to deserving and talented young designers.

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Lincoln Cushing and the Countercultural Printshops in San Francisco

Poster and alternative graphics scholar Lincoln Cushing tells the story of counter-cultural print shops — the blogs of the 1960s and ’70s. With a little bit of training, low-cost print machines (think stencils, AB Dick 360 and Multilith 1250) were run by almost anyone and hidden almost anywhere. See the video lecture here.

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