What? No Goatees?

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Beards and mustaches are as common as earrings and tattoos, but when was the last time you saw a really sculpted beard? Enough with these hipsteresque namby pamby goatees and womby pomby van dykes (and especially those pseudo-beard, narrow slivers from the bottom lip to the chin). Check out the website for the biennial World Beard and Mustache Championships for beards that put the AIR in HAIR. And to all you patriots out there, root for Beard Team USA in Anchorage, Alaska in May 2009 (my fave is Toot Joslin below) although it’s hard to beat Willi Chevalier (above) for his sheer ingenuity. What can be said about Elmar Weisser (bottom) except that he gives new meaning to the term “close shave.” Caution: if you try this at home, spit out the bubblegum.