Who You Calling Mister?

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The one and only

We all know about Mr. Clean. He’s been a household fave for ages—and currently, with that sparkling earring and chrome dome of his, quite the hipster too. Mr. Peanut, top hat and all, has held up for a century.

But did you know that there are lots of other Misters in the trade character world?

My favorite is Mr. Pickle, with his briny personality—what could be cuter than a walking, talking pickle? Mr. Bubbles, you say? Did you know that Mr. Bubbles turned 50 years old? Well, there’s nothing cute about a half-century old bubble person. But the elderly version of Mr. Clean, Mr. Six, the mascot who scampers and dances for Six Flags amusement parks, is pretty darn popular. Then there’s Mr. Cupcake, so tasty you want to eat him up. And speaking of good eats, I’m happy to call Mr. Salty, of Nabisco pretzel fame, Mister!

A taste of pickle in every bite.

Happy birthday, bubble man.

Heaven in a cup

Is he or isn't he nuts?

Mr. Not-So-Clean

The salty sailor returns.

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