A Protest Toolkit: 7 Free Printable Stencils for Creating Visual Statements

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Back in 2011, Laurence King published a book by Patrick Thomas—the Protest Stencil Toolkit. Yes, it is a book, but it is so much more than a book. Instead of words and images, inside, you’ll find 46 die-cut stencils and a full alphabet of lettering stencils created using a bespoke typeface.

Protest stencil toolkit

According to the publisher, the stencils “can be combined to create both slogans and powerful visual messages, and are robust enough to be re-used any number of times. There are classic symbols from the great protest movements of the twentieth century, as well as new images reflecting contemporary concerns—such as the environment and the economy.”

In today’s contentious political climate, the Toolkit is an excellent resource for any creatives who might be… say… marching, protesting, picketing, striking or otherwise expressing politically oriented visual statements.

So you can imagine our delight when our good friends at Laurence King not only sent us a copy of the Toolkit, but also 7 stencils that you can print out and use for your own purposes.

Note: We at PRINT are obligated to say that we do not condone vandalism. Rebellious signage, handmade posters, and legal street art on the other hand—well, let’s just say we’re big fans. So go to town.

7 Free Printable Stencils for Creating Visual Statements

INSTRUCTIONS: Click on each image or download link below to download a PDF of that stencil. Then print, cut and use! We recommend printing on cardstock for sturdier stencils.















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