State Mottos: A Designers’ Atlas

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The project Fifty and Fifty, via the talents of illustrators from acrossthe country, constructs a new view on America’s traditional statemottos. According to creator Dan Cassaro, the original idea, which cameabout during a road trip two years ago, was to do all 50 mottos himself,but then he decided to invite designers from each state do their own.The color palette was chosen to unify the project but, beyond that,Cassaro says, “I simply asked the designers to represent their statemotto visually, make sure the typography was the focus, and do theirthing.” He continues, “I think people were excited by the idea ofrepresenting a place that was important to them and they really broughtout their A game.”

Alabama / Keetra Dean Dixon

California / Richard Perez

Connecticut / Meg Hunt

Delaware / Ken Barber

Florida / Two Arms Inc.

Georgia / Drea Zlanabitnig

Illinois / Fogelson-Lubliner

Lousiana / A. Micah Smith

North Carloina / Matt Stevens

New Jersey / Maayan Pearl

New York / Dan Cassaro

Pennsylvania / Jessica Hische

Tennessee / Matt Lehman