Two New Books from @thedailyheller

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Who would have thought that our names would evolve to the point where a simple “@” would replace “Mr.” or “Ms.”? Well, that’s beside the point of this post. In fact, this is a log roll for myself and my co-authors, a blatant promotion for two new books that, I sincerely hope, will be of interest to some of you.

100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design, by me and Véronique Vienne, is an alternative way of surveying graphic design history. Although it’s loosely organized in chronological order, each idea—from “The Book” to “Pointing Fingers” to “Abstract Graphics”—is more than a passing style or temporal -ism. Ideas have legs that stand for ages; style is fleeting (though often recurring). For more on the motives behind this book, read Lucy Sisman’s interview at wwword.

Stop, Think, Go, Do, by me and Mirko Ilic, shows how typography and graphic design direct and influence our behavior. An homage to the simple stop sign, this book shows how designed missives move emotion and action as well as convince and persuade. The story is not new, but this is the first time contemporary design has been categorized by its manipulative intent. Sections include “Inform,” “Advocate,” “Play,” “Caution,” “Educate,” and more. Now, READ Rockpaperink for more about “commanding design” NOW!