Unique Posters and Postcards from PRINT’s Archives

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Lining the shelves in the PRINT office are seventy-five years’ worth of PRINT magazine issues. On and between their covers is enough craft, beauty and history to satisfy any designer, illustrator or typographer. So you can see why we couldn’t let PRINT’s 75th anniversary pass without creating something from this treasure trove.

Thus, we asked AIGA medalist Steven Heller to curate a collection of 75 of the most compelling covers straight from the archives—and turn them into a unique book of posters and a collection of postcards.

In Covering PRINT: 75 Covers, 75 Years, a book of posters, Heller explores the context, aesthetics and individuals that made these iconic covers significant in both the design industry and history at large. Readers will discover Bruce Rogers’ thumbprints on the first issue, Paula Scher’s hilarious 1985 cover detailing “The Complete Genealogy of Graphic Design,” and the full story behind the cover that went to the printer on 9/11/01.


Get your hands on Steven Heller’s book of posters—75 unique posters, each featuring a cover of PRINT magazine, ready to preserve in book form or pull out and frame. Complete with historical insight and a free download of notable articles. Buy yourself a copy today. Also makes a great gift for the creatives in your life.

“Carefully editing hundreds of these covers down to a symbolic 75 that somehow represents the magazine’s lifespan is an exercise in sadomasochism,” Heller writes in the introduction of Covering PRINT. “There are so many wonderfully conceived covers on the cutting room floor—and so many more historically fascinating ones lying with them—that this collection is as much a reason to cry as to celebrate.”

Also in Covering PRINT, Heller pinpoints spreads from notable articles found inside these old issues of Print, and the book of posters comes with a companion download of these articles in full. Readers will enjoy an extensive feature on Saul Bass, a story devoted to the book jackets and covers of Chip Kidd, a piece on the master of Swiss design (Anale Retentiv) as part of a special graphic parody, and more.

If you’d prefer PRINT magazine’s most iconic covers since 1940 as postcards, we have you covered. With Postcards from PRINT: 75 Timeless Covers from the Archives of PRINT Magazine, you can preserve them in book form, pull them out and frame them, or mail them to 75 of your closest creative friends.


Get your book of 75 unique postcards, each featuring a cover of PRINT magazine, ready to preserve in book form, frame or mail. Complete credits listed on the back of each postcard.

We invite you to join us as we page through both Covering PRINT and Postcards from PRINT, gathering inspiration from the creations of yesteryear, celebrating PRINT magazine’s most historic year yet, and sharing to our heart’s content.

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