‘We Refuse To Grow Up’ Is A Visual Book About The Design Process

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Thinking Room crafted the quirky book titled, We Refuse To Grow Up that visualizes growing up through graphic design. The design process is highly intricate and complex, and this book showcases that process through fun typography and illustrations that are eye-opening and exploratory. 

We Refuse To Grow Up is a book that tells the story of growing up as a graphic design studio in Indonesia. The book pries open the expectedly-complicated yet unpredictably-simple process that is the design process, the behind-the-scenes of how an idea goes from the drawing board into the hands of the consumers, the relationship between the designer and the client, nurturing future generations of designers to even subjects that are rarely talked about in the Indonesian design industry – the profession being undervalued yet constantly growing interests as time goes. Exploring in-depth the journey of these aspects of design, we take readers by the lessons we learned through past projects, while visually and expressively communicating a 15-year long journey with various visual elements.

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Thinking Room