COVID Canceled Portfolio Shows. Core77 is Bringing Them Back Online

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Let's reboot the year-end show.

Anyone who has gone to art or design school, taught at art or design school or been in any proximity to an art or design school knows the brilliance—and importance—of semester’s end portfolio shows.

As Core77 writes, “These important events provide a platform for students to get valuable exposure and feedback on their work, make industry connections and celebrate the conclusion of an intense period of productivity and creativity.”

Problem is, COVID-19 has canceled portfolio shows for 2020. So Core77 is doing something about it, and creating their own student showcase for the world at large.

Here’s how to take part:

  1. Faculty curators can register their show via a simple form, specifying the description of the show, areas of focus (everything from apparel and fashion to branding, game design, speculative design and more), an image for the show and a contact.

  2. After registering, faculty receives a link that they can then provide students to upload their work.

Simple as that.

Core77 is also rallying design professionals to review work from the shows and provide feedback. You can volunteer here and specify your area of expertise, and Core77 will then match you to relevant shows.

As of today, all forms are live on Core77.

“We hope that this effort helps ease some of the stress people are feeling, and provides a way for everyone working in the design industry to come together and look toward a brighter future,” Core77 co-founder Stuart Constantine writes.

For more COVID-19 resources for students and professionals, click here.

Image: Core77