How to Make an Infographic: Data, Design, Distribute

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Learning how to make an infographic that is both effective and beautiful is more challenging than you might think. The most successful infographics not only display data, but do so in way that is both visually appealing and simplistic enough for anyone to understand.

How to Make an Infographic

Explore the best infographic design techniques in the live design tutorial How to Make an Infographic: Data, Design, Distribute with John T. Meyer, founder of the visual marketing firm Lemonly.

In this one-hour webinar, John looks at the power of infographics and how you can take advantage of them. Many infographic designers get so caught up in the appearance of their design that they sacrifice content and practicality for aesthetics. But an infographic needs to do its job.

Focusing on the key elements of a successful infographic, John will guide you through the same recipe that Lemonly uses to make their sweet infographics—ones the firm produces for clients like Marriott, Toyota, PepsiCo, Major League Baseball, Salesforce, the United Nations and more.

How to Make an Infographic: Data, Design, Distribute

A live design tutorial with John T. Meyer

April 16, 20141:00 PM – 2:00 PM Eastern

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Designers who create the most impressive infographics understand that both the data and the design need to be compelling, and this webinar will help you find that balance.

In How to Make an Infographic: Data, Design, Distribute, John will walk you through the three essential phases of creating a top-notch infographic: data, design and distribute. This webinar offers an introduction to data visualization that is accessible for any skill level.

John will show you an analytical look at successful infographics and the impact they can have using real-world examples. Learn how to create an infogrpahic that levels the playing field between analysts and the public, bringing complex information to a reasonable comprehension level.

Marketers, designers, public relations professionals and content strategists can all benefit from this course. You’ll learn the necessary components required to create your own successful infographics, and you’ll glean plenty of creative inspiration in the process.

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About John T. Meyer

John T. Meyer is the CEO/Co-Founder of Lemonly, a visual marketing firm that helps create understanding through visuals by creating infographics, data visualization and interactive graphics. Lemonly works with big brands, non-profits, and startups including Marriott, PepsiCo, Major League Baseball, Samsung, and the United Nations. John is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and in 2013 was named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s Top 10 Emerging Entrepreneurs. John loves to cheer on the Minnesota Twins and writes about focus and productivity with a daily newsletter called the Point Letter.