The Power of the Number in Typography

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Free Typography Webinar from Monotype

Are you a bit of a typography geek like us, and love all the insider details of what goes into a great design using the ever-mutable raw material of letters and numbers? Well then get ready for a most enjoyable behind-the-scenes look at designing with type and the use of numbers in this free webinar brought to you by Monotype.

Terrence Weinzierl will detail the four main styles, what they look like, and how they are best used in professional design.

**Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the webinar. We will provide a recording to all registrants.


Free Typography Webinar — Details

WHO: Terrance Weinzier will be leading this free 30 minute webinar to get you familiarized with how numbers are used in a series of design case studies.

WHAT: A free typography webinar devoted exclusively to the Achilles heel of many designs: the use of numbers. After the webinar, you will be able to easily recognize the different types of figures commonly included in professional fonts, and how designers put them to best use.

WHEN: Wednesday, October 24, 1pm EST

WHERE: Register here to secure your spot in the free webinar.

Numbers Matter

When typographers talk about the characters that make up numbers, they call them figures. Numbers, after all, can be anything— two digits, three digits, a fraction, a mathy number with several decimal places shown. So 10 is a number, but 1 and 0, individually, are figures. And how those figures figure (zing) into a layout can really impact the overall success of the design.

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After this free Monotype webinar, you will be more confident in recognizing the different types of figures commonly included in professional fonts, and how they can be typeset with Adobe Illustrator and what the best and worst use cases for each happens to be.

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