Presentation Folder Templates: Free Dielines, Mockups, and Designs

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For those who lack graphic design experience, the word “template” has become something of a dirty word. It calls to mind cheap cookie-cutter designs stuffed with clip art. But there’s more than one type of template, and many of them are much more than just an easy shortcut; they’re absolutely vital to the print design process.

Any time you design presentation folders, you’re eventually going to need a template at some point—whether you’re forming your initial idea and layout, creating the design itself, or presenting a finished design mockup to your client.

presentation folder templates

Finding the right template for your project can be challenging. There are lots of them out there, and not all of them are free; you might end up paying for a template only to realize that it’s completely wrong for your pocket folder concept. Fortunately, Company Folders has invested a great deal of time into creating the following free downloads, with each template fashioned to make your design process as smooth and painless as possible.

Mockup Templates

Raw design files aren’t very helpful when you present your work to a client, especially for print projects that need to be folded into shape, such as two pocket folders. Parts of the folder will appear upside-down, which will confuse those who are less familiar with how dielines work. In situations like this, mockup templates are a lifesaver. They allow you to quickly convert your design files into fully realized mockups, so your design will look the way it will when it’s actually printed and folded.

These mockups can be further customized with a background of your choice, so your presentation folders can be set against a wooden table, a grassy field, or another surface or environment.

Front and Inside Folder Mockup Template

front and inside folder mockup

This versatile template shows off both the front cover and inside right panel of the folder.

Stacked Presentation Folders Mockup Template

stacked presentation folders

Show your client what their folders will look like fanned out across a table, focusing exclusively on the front cover.

Inside View Two Pocket Folder Mockup Template

inside view two pocket folder

This template is most useful when the most interesting elements of a folder design are on its interior, showcasing the pockets and inside panels.

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Die Cut Templates

Even if you never make use of any other type of template when crafting a presentation folder design, you’re not going to get very far without a die cut template. Also known as “dieline” templates, these function as the canvas upon which you will construct your actual design. Without an appropriate die cut template, a printer will be unable to print your work.

In situations where you don’t actually need your design printed (such as when you don’t have a client and are just experimenting with creating folders), it’s still worth it to use a die cut template. That way, you’ll always have the option to print it later if the need arises. Plus, this will make it easier to apply your design to a mockup template and incorporate it into your portfolio.

4-Color Process Letter Size Two Pocket Folder

four color process pocket folder

Specifically designed for a folder printed with four-color process, this template is a great choice for colorful, cost-effective designs.

6×9 2 Pocket Small Presentation Folder

small presentation folder

This template is well-suited for compact, lightweight designs meant to hold leaflets or other smaller materials.

Serpentine Cut Right Pocket Presentation Folder

serpentine presentation folder

With its creative, eye-catching pocket, this curvy template is perfect for when you want your design to stand out from the crowd.

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Design Templates

Folder design templates give you a pre-made design that you can mix and match with your own images and text. Since practically every element of the template can be replaced with something else, you don’t need to worry about your design looking identical to someone else’s; it’s just a convenient time-saving solution when you need help coming up with a general layout.

Templates are available in both Illustrator and Photoshop formats. Even if you

don’t turn one of these templates into a design of your own, browsing them might just give you the inspiration you need to create something completely original.

Illustrator Templates

Six Design Services Folder and Business Card Template

six design services template

Modern typography and a pattern of diagonal lin
es give this template a dynamic, energetic feel.

Green Eco-Friendly Presentation Folder Design Template

green eco friendly folder template

Perfect for “green” businesses, this earthy design template expresses a love of the natural world.

Photoshop Templates

School District Pocket Folder and Business Card Template

school district folder template

This template makes use of primary colors and creative illustrations to create a warm and welcoming tone.

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Rethinking Templates

Don’t think of templates as a lazy way to avoid doing work for your client. Instead, think of them as a way to save valuable time and reinvest it into expressing the creativity and craftsmanship that your client hired you for. Templates function best as a way to enhance the hard work you do, not skirt around it.

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