Rubber Stamps and Vintage Photos

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For the past two weeks, I’ve been working on some new business cards for my friend Catharine. She is a business woman extraordinaire and had been printing lovely letterpress business cards for the past few years, but it was proving to be quite expensive, and she’d always have a ton of stock left over if someone ended up leaving their position before the cards ran out.

After a trip to Peru, Catharine came back with a very unique business card from a restaurant, and she wanted to create something similar using her own vintage family photos.

Her family photos were scanned, color-corrected, printed, and die-cut.

Seventeen different images, with the scalloped edge of an old photo.

We made 14 rubber stamps, one for each of her employees. Each employee now gets an array of different images, and spends a few evenings stamping the backs of the cards.

We went simple on the typography, trying to make it look like it could almost be the stamp of the photography studio that produced the original image. The business name has a slight art-deco look, and the body type is all Gotham Medium.

Catharine plans to use vintage photos of her employee’s families too, and is well on her way to amassing a nice library of business card images. And the kicker? Whenever she hires someone new, instead of buying business cards by the hundreds, all she has to do is order a $20 rubber stamp!