September 29 Live Designcast: Fonts That Click: The Present and Future of Using Type on the Web

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Finding the best way to implement type on the web these days is no simple task. The options for good-looking, functional online fonts are limited, and issues of licensing are complicated. But as more and more design is created for the web, the importance of great type online—and the need for it—is only growing.

In this live webcast (or, as we’ve come to call them, designcast), type designer Christian Schwartz will address the pressing problem of type for the web. He’ll provide a comprehensive overview of what’s at stake, and shed light on how you, as a designer, can navigate the world of web fonts and find the best solutions for your own work.

You’ll learn:

• The pros and cons of the different ways to implement non-standard type choices on the web.• Why @font-face still isn’t ready for prime time.

• Plus: A peek at the future of type on the web