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online Wireframing and Prototyping course

Blogging tools such as WordPress and Drupal are wonderful resources for showcasing portfolios and hosting design business sites. For designers lacking web layout knowledge yet yearning to apply their distinctive creativity to their site’s design, HOW Design University offers an online Wireframing and Prototyping course. UX Design Methods: Wireframes and Prototypes delivers step-by-step instruction on building a website’s structure from the ground up.

HOWU instructor Patrick McNeil gives impressively informative lessons for building wireframes and prototypes, the blueprints for a web page design. In this video driven course, he begins with breaking down the basics – what is a wireframe and what is a prototype. Then he probes deeper into the subject by providing comprehensive lessons for each stage of development and production.

Wireframing Prep-Work Tips:

Here are some of Patrick’s tips on how to prepare for a wireframing project:

1) Define your project first. Know who is your targeted audience, your medium (screen type) and scope.2) Dive into user research, the more the better.3) Have an app or site plan (flowchart and/or sitemap.)4) Establish your content inventory, it is what you are designing around.

Watch the below clip for a peek into the UX Design Methods: Wireframes and Prototypes course.