05/05/2014: Largest Vocabulary in Hip hop infographic

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Possibly more than most lyricists, rap artists are known for squeezing a lot of words into their music. It stands to reason that designer and coder Matt Daniels, whose previous efforts include an etymology in hip hop project, would compile a list of the wordiest of these MCs into an infographic entitled “The Largest Vocabulary in Hip hop.”

The cleverly researched graphic stacks rap artists’ lyrics against Shakespeare and Herman Melville’s Moby Dick to gauge how deep their vocabulary runs. While there are a few obvious examples at the beginning and end of the spectrum (GZA and Kool Keith are both known for showing off their extensive vocabulary), there are definitely some surprises. Who knew Drake’s word choice was so limited? Via Spin.

Largest Vocabulary in Hip hop infographic: Designer & coder Matt Daniels compiled a list MCs into an infographic called "The Largest Vocabulary in Hip hop."