10 Dazzling Holiday Design Projects

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How do you celebrate the holidays? Our RDA winners have some suggestions. Check out some decked-out, holiday-cheering, gift-tastic winners from across the US.

Still need some gift ideas? HOW Design has its Gift Guide for Designers. Happy Holidays!

1. Alcoholidays—I love you [ ] Man [ ] Woman


1 Tick Pony gave their clients the tasty holiday gift of, well, alcohol. The packages came shipped in slender tubes with beautiful gold lettering and six bottles of “sensual situation enhancers.” Sure, this was their Valentine’s Day gift, but a holiday is a holiday is a holiday, right?

2. Black Bouquet Series: Holiday and New Years Cards


Send some holiday cheer to friends and family with these adorable letter-pressed cards by Carpenter Collective. The gold and black ink is pressed on white Lettra stock paper. Sure to brighten up anyone’s day.

3. Cheer


This little bottle of restorative tincture is meant to keep you feeling nice and bright throughout the holiday season. A blend of beech, elm, holly, olive and walnut to keep you feeling good, even as the days grow shorter and the nights longer.

4. Elemis Christmas Packaging 2014


Turner Duckworth design brightened up the holidays with this gift packaging for Elemis skin products. The bright colors and ribbon design means no wrapping paper needed! Just purchase and gift to that special someone in your life.

5. Fancy Wrap

Images courtesy of Turnstyle

Turnstyle Studio says “Feliz Llama dad!” with this adorable wrapping paper set. From their website: “Whatever tickles your fancy, we hope that you will fancy this fancy limited-edition holiday wrapping paper. To be extra fancy, we’ve randomly sprinkled fancy llamas throughout the fancy paper. It’s an expression of how much we fancy you. Fancy that!”

6. Finn & Co. Holiday


Finn & Co. wanted to refresh their branding, and T&P Creative was up for the challenge. The Holiday Package shows off the new minimal design and updated logotype for Finn & Co.

7. Holiday Punch Gift Tags


Willoughby Design went back to their roots for these beautiful gift tags. The French Paper is foil pressed with gold and die cut by Skylab Letterpress in Kansas City. The holidays wouldn’t be complete without gorgeously designed gift tags.

8. Lisa Vorce Co Holiday


Every holiday season Lisa Vorce Co. chooses a charity to give back to. In 2014, that charity was The Tony La Russa Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF). Lisa Vorce Co. paired with Device Creative Collaboration to create this sophisticated greeting card in order to spread awareness about ARF. “Because everyone deserves a silver lining.”

9. Thymes Holiday Catalog


Wink and Thymes have worked together to create a memorable identity for Thymes home and body products. The holiday catalog is a sneak peek at the new seasonal products and even has an adorable animated video.

10. Thymes Holiday Gift Set Packaging


Cue, Inc. created the holiday packaging for Thymes gift sets. The elegantly simple designs are beautiful and offer customers a way to share their favorite Thymes fragrances with loved ones.