5 Powerful Online Design Portfolios + Advice for Creating Your Own

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Your online design portfolio is the first thing potential employers and clients see when researching your creative talents and professional qualifications. Whether you specialize in digital or print, illustration or app design, your best chance at landing a job will depend upon your ability to establish an online presence that demonstrates both your particular strengths and the full breadth of your skill set.

Roberto Blake’s online workshop, How to Design a Digital Portfolio, covers best practices on how to present your portfolio and key considerations for selecting portfolio-worthy work. He offers this advice for getting started with your online portfolio:

That means building out an online portfolio that is both robust in the range of projects you include; one that you can tailor to reflect your personal brand; and one that stands out among the thousands of creative portfolios on the web.

For its versatility and powerful designer-friendly visuals, Squarespace has risen to the fore as one of the most user-friendly platforms for creative portfolio sites.

Even if you’re looking to update your portfolio or exploring a new passion project, it’s worthwhile to give Squarespace’s 14-day trial a try to experience all of its latest features—including the new Circle, a community for creative professionals who build websites on Squarespace.

Check out what these designers and creative professionals have been able to create with their portfolio websites on Squarespace:

Chris Rushing



Why it works: Rushing’s portfolio site provides awesome “punch” right off the bat. Not only are visitors met with a simple and effective elevator pitch, intriguing typographic elements and an energetic color scheme, but animated elements also bring the page to life, inviting more engagement with his work.

Michael Steven Forrest



Why it works: Forrest takes a unique risk with his portfolio site by setting a very limited color scheme—and it pays off. The distinctive blue provides a great unifying factor and invites visitors to click each project to see it in full color.

Laura Bohill



Why it works: Bohill’s site is pretty simple, but she does a great job of curating projects that showcase her design style—as well as her animated personal logo. This no-nonsense approach is eye-catching and effective.

Samm Blake



Why it works: Blake’s approach is unusual and mysterious, greeting visitors with a misty ocean shot and a choose-your-own-adventure foray into his personal or wedding projects. Clicking each one takes you into an immersive and intimate exploration of his work.

Jeff Rogers



Why it works: Rogers greets visitors with high-impact, full-screen images that draw you into his story. While this page showcases his bright design work, others incorporate photos of himself to provide a human connection to potential clients.

Build your ultimate online presence with Squarespace, which includes a vast array of drag-and-drop features, impressive all-in-one templates, online store options, 24/7 customer service and more. Give Squarespace’s 14-day trial a shot to test out the platform and experience its web design options for yourself—and use coupon code PRINTMAG at checkout for 10% off your first purchase.