80+ Billboards in 50 States and Beyond For Freedom(s)

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As in 2018, the artist-led group For Freedoms (co-founded by Hank Willis Thomas, Eric Gottesman, Michelle Woo, and Wyatt Gallery) has launched a series of billboards in all 50 states, featuring work by numerous heavy hitters.

The campaign, dubbed 2020 Awakening, draws inspiration from the Wide Awakes, an abolitionist group that played a role in the election of Abraham Lincoln.

As a representative for the group writes, “For Freedoms is working with artists and organizations to center the voices of artists in public discourse, expand what participation in a democracy looks like, and reshape conversations about politics. They're focusing on awakening, listening, healing, justice, voter engagement and, most importantly, civic joy as the infrastructure for movements as we lead up to Nov. 3 and beyond.”

Check out some of the billboard designs below—and for much more, including voter resources and the campaign’s “Infinite Playbook,” head here.

For Freedoms x Combo NYC // Denver
Jeremy Fields & Collins Fields // Sioux Falls, SD
Shepard Fairey / ObeyGiant.com // Oklahoma City
Claudia Peña // Lexington, KY
Hank Willis Thomas // Des Moines
Joaquin Jutt // Boston
Rachel Matthews // Hancock, IN
Ai WeiWei // Knoxville, TN
Sofía Gallisá Muriente // San Juan, PR
Marilyn Minter // Boring, OR
Cidney + Darian Ehya // Pittsburgh
Tunkasila // Naples, UT
Josué Rivas // Burns, WY
Carlos Motta // New York City
Gordon Hall // West Seneca, NY
Zahyr Lauren | The Artist LHaz // Detroit
Yeni Mao // Denver
Kameelah Janan Rasheed // North Little Rock, AR
Micah Bozeman // Bessemer, AL
Amelia Winger-Bearskin // Los Angeles