Design That is High on Techno

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Roma Erohnovich of whomakesit has always had a particular knack for envisioning the future of design in his work—and that’s no more apparent than in his latest identity and key art for the Russian electronic musician Dr.Spy.der.

With his “Music of the World is a Music of the Hemispheres” project, Dr.Spy.der tells the story of his career through a series of radio broadcasts. For the identity, Erohnovich seized on the notion of hemispheres and their relation to not just the Earth, but the human brain. The globe finds its way to the head in the system as a central visual theme, and Erohnovich designed outward from there.

“‘Music of the World is a Music of the Hemispheres’ metaphorizes the music as intellectual creativity,” Erohnovich writes. “Design that is high on techno is a mix of brutalism, eclecticism, aesthetics of technical graphics and art, as well as generative graphics.”

See how it all takes shape below.

Roma Erohnovich: art direction, design

Elena Kowalski (Glenjan): type design