Five Textile Artists To Follow On Instagram

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The thing about artists is that creativity can come from anywhere and everywhere. Inspiration can come from within the confines of refrigerators, the beige bath mat that you idly step on every day before and after your shower, or from a blob of multi-colored paint. While these might be seemingly mundane things, to artists, they are more; they are an inspiration.

Today we’re sharing five textile artists that you absolutely need to follow on Instagram because they will bring a specific type of inspiration to your feed that is beyond anything you’ve seen before. We’re talking textures that’ll make your heart pitter-patter and have your cheeks flushed with excitement. Do you know the feeling of putting on your softest robe and snuggling into it after a day’s hard word? These artist’s feeds emit that emotion through the square images on their accounts. So whether you fancy bright, bold color combinations that happen to be fuzzy or you’re mesmerized by the embroidery that looks so realistic it’s edible, you’re in for a textured treat. Scroll on and prepare to be fascinated.

Macarena Luzi

Los Angeles-based textile designer Macarena Luzi creates abstract and brightly colored rugs and art installations that overflow with happiness. If Matisse were still alive, I could see him standing in the middle of one of her creations, dreaming up inspiration for his next piece of art. Macarena’s pieces are jolly, cherry, and her colorful account is just my Instagram feed needed for color and textures I want to feel through my phone. That, my friends, is modern art at its finest.

MUSH studios

MUSH studios have somehow crafted textile art to mimic liquid forms. Imagine spilling a colorful drink on the floor, and it quickly transforms into a gorgeous, vibrant rug. That’s MUSH studios. Their pieces are artful, creative, trippy, and intentionally and purposefully unique. MUSH has reimagined the intersection of home decor and art.

Freya Wysocki

There’s paper, and there’s canvas, but Freya Wysocki has reimagined a way of sharing the inner workings of her mind. Her art takes humor and makes it fuzzy with pieces that share folklore mixed with mythology mixed with dreamlike inspired designs. Her palette consistently sticks to lighter and softer colors, but when they get juxtaposed with her quirky art, the colors take on a whole new meaning. Her bio reads, “Just a material girl in a digital world,” further proving that her wit comes from deep within.

Audrey Hancock

Inspired by the women weavers of the Bauhaus, specifically Gunta Stölzl, Audrey Hancock began her tufting career by punch needling a rug. Her main job as a graphic designer has allowed her pieces to flourish with curated compositions, color combinations that will inspire you to live life on the wild side, and unexpected subject matters such as a smiling wiggly worm. One of the great things about Audrey is that she shares her “secrets” behind her creations. In her highlights, you’ll find behind-the-scenes looks into her works and the same tools and techniques she uses to create her masterpieces. Her vibe is unreal—obsessed.

Youmeng Liu

Last but certainly not least, we have Youmeng Liu, an embroidery artist and designer, who creates pieces that will certainly make you do double-take. Her most recent project is the daunting undertaking of creating 301 embroidered pieces representing everyday food items. The technique combines hand embroidery, scissors sculpting, and an artistic eye that gives each piece a realistic look. When I stumbled across her waffle embroidery, I quite literally had to zoom in on the work to make sure my eyes weren’t fooling me. Scroll back even further into her feed, and you’ll find gorgeous floral representations that’ll make you fully come to terms with how beyond talented Youmeng truly is.