Five Woodworking Artists to Follow on Instagram

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Woodcarving as an artform and practical tool dates back to prehistoric times. It’s been a historically approachable medium due to wood’s wide availability, low cost, and the attractive duality of strength and softness.

From wood-carved hieroglyphic panels to Native American Totem Poles, you can find vast examples of the practice throughout art history. While woodcarving has a wildly impressive past, the contemporary examples are just as stunningly unique. Below, we’ve listed five woodcarving artists who showcase the impeccable opportunities that wood art fosters.

Ariele Alasko | @arielealasko

Despite its initially rigid appearance, wood is gracefully pliable, and

Ariele Alasko’s work highlights the graceful pliability hidden within wood’s initially rigid appearance. Her wooden sculptures materialize as dazzlingly fluid forms, from mobiles to wall hangings to sculptures. Each piece by this Pratt Institute alum oozes charm and wit.

Luke Hope | @hopeinthewoods

Wooden utensils have an inherent charm and comfort you can’t quite access with metal or plastic, and Luke Hope’s creations are no exception. His journey began after he created a spoon in 2014, and now his work manifests through both abstract and functional objects. His work is often minimally smooth, with welcome touches of personality and pure elegance. The silky look of each of his piece is genuinely satisfying.

Spoons by Luke Hope
Utensils by Luke Hope

Sophie Sellu | @grainandknot

Grain & Knot’s entire Instagram feed feels like a welcome escape, filled with beautiful natural forms and sustainably tactile creations. You can tell that nature is at the center of the brand by the look of each piece. You can see their organic, refreshing, and modern sense of creativity within vases, brushes, kitchen utensils, and serving boards. And these products don’t just look stunning— they’re also all made with foraged or sustainable wood. This eco-friendly practice ensures the impact of each piece is visual, not environmental.

Mike Pekovich | @pekovichwoodworks

The intricacy of Mike Pekovich’s woodworking will instantly blow you away. When scrolling through Pekovich’s work, you can tell he crafts each detail with a true passion for the art form. While everything he creates is highly functional, there’s an intrinsically artistic component that he brings to life through the timber. His sleek, refined, and elegant work constantly pushes the limits of what’s possible within the details.

Canadian Woodworks | @canadianwoodworks

Follow Canadian Woodworks if you’re looking for tips and inspiration to create your own woodwork. This account displays a wide range of projects, from polished dining tables to wooden countertops to refined conference tables. Each piece highlighted within this feed is highly functional and superbly crafted. A smart mix of industrial design and rustic aesthetics add a true sense of timelessness to the pieces by Canadian Woodwork.