Get Inspired with Our Top Five Instagram Accounts of the Week

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I genuinely believe that everyone is an artist, but I think what makes a truly dedicated artist is the ability to find inspiration in every seemingly mundane moment. Every shadow, perspective, and illustration you come across can motivate you to create a new piece or new image. So today, I’m sharing five Instagram accounts that don’t take life for granted, and use it as a sounding board for their enchanting, stunning works.

Below you’ll find artists who are influenced by the shape and color of buildings, the beauty of seemingly ordinary snacks, and even the magnitude of thread’s woven textures. The creators’ ability to convey their interpretations of the world around them is moving, and adds a heightened sense of magic to their collective works.

Rishi | @i.m.rishi

Rishi Raj is a photographer based in Bangalore, India who’s skilled at capturing the unspoken energy of a subject. Throughout his well-curated Instagram feed, you’ll find portraits that are moody, mysterious, and quite magical. Raj proves his artistry through the way he deftly highlights specific colors, movements, and shadows. While the aesthetic is consistent throughout his work, each photograph seems to hold a different meaning. Each shot is significant, whether it highlights stillness, balance, or something between the two.

Lucia Calfapietra | @luciacalfapietra

This Franco-Italian illustrator uses children’s books as her primary source of inspiration, so it’s a joy to scroll through her feed. Calfapietra’s relatable, inspiring Instagram immediately gives you a feel for her love of playing with youthful textures and bright colors. Much of her work focuses on food, flowers, and whimsically ordinary moments. One of my favorite pieces she’s posted is a beautifully detailed series of illustrations where ice cream pops against an exquisitely textured background.

Molly Haynes | @mollyhaynes_

At the intersection of art, craft, and design, you’ll find Molly Haynes’ weaved sculptures. Her lovely Instagram account is filled with well-lit images of her work that showcase gorgeous textures, neutral colors, and a keen eye for aesthetics. While most of her work sticks to a black or white color palette, a few brightly-hued pieces pop up from time to time. Haynes skillfully uses negative space to create highly intriguing compositions that feel both intrinsically natural and highly unpredictable.

Matthias Heiderich | @matthiasheiderich

Berlin photographer Matthias Heiderich is a force to be reckoned with, whose impressive client list includes Adobe, Cereal Magazine, Porsche, and Conde Nast. His stunning, vibrant architectural images are so beautifully composed that they might make a viewer rethink how they view the world around them. The shapes and colors he manages to find in the wild are inspiring, and the fact that they haven’t been manipulated makes me want to search my own neighborhood for similar viewpoints.

Emma Bers | @bersletters

It’s impossible to scroll through Emma Bers’ account and not feel inspired. Her use of bright colors, cheeky typography, grit, and charisma add an energetic spark to her work. While Bers’ work inspires thoughts of ’90s design fused with Andy Warhol’s iconic style, she has an unmistakably distinct style that’s all her own. You’ll find a variety of fun posts on her Instagram, including album cover designs and oil drawings she created when Photoshop was down. Bers has a clear passion for color and typography, and it’s fascinating to see how her devotion to design manifests over time.