Get Inspired with These Colorful, Maximalist Instagram Accounts

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While themed posts can be fun, they can also become monotonous. So this week, I decided to shift away from my usual, more structured weekly posts to a looser space that celebrates individual designers’ perspectives. Every Friday from here on out, I’ll share five creatives of the week that have captured my attention for various reasons.

If you’re looking for new perspectives, maximalist sensibilities, and colors galore, you’ll love this week’s selection. There’s an excess of creative inspiration to dig into, from tufter extraordinaire Avi Naim, to poppy, dedicated line artist Jonathan Calugi. Each selected artist presents a diverse range of stylistic elements that’s sure to revitalize your Instagram feed.

Aaron Kaufman | @aaaronkaufman

This Canadian graphic artist isn’t afraid of color, textures, or new perspectives, and you can instantly tell from scrolling through his Instagram feed. His 3D motion graphics play with innovative points of view, like half a horse running in a mirror, or materials being melted and manipulated. There’s no lack of imagination, and his ambitious approach to creativity is beyond enlightening.

Nono Pautasso | @nonopautasso

I’ve always been a massive fan of travel journals, and Nono Pautasso’s works take the practice to a new level. This Argentinian graphic designer’s Instagram is filled with endless sketches and drawings, pottery samples, and constant creative inspiration. Pautasso showcases her wit and personality with colorful, quirky illustrations. She’s managed to build a unique enough aesthetic that each post within her feed feels remarkably memorable and equally impressive.

Avi Naim | @42lions

This Netflix product designer is a self-proclaimed “maker of stuff,” including playful illustrations, her own line of hot sauce, and phenomenal tufting. Each post throughout her feed is layered with clever thinking, bright colors, thoughtful concepts, and rich blue hues. If there’s one thing you’ll get from following this account, it’s the itch to run with every creative thought you’ve ever had.

Jonathan Calugi | @jonathanlovers

We featured Calugi in our 2010 shortlist of young designers to keep an eye on, and his work still impresses us 12 years later. You might recognize his eccentric geometric forms and patterns from wine labels, magazine covers, and, of course, his Instagram feed. Calugi frequently uses simultaneously simple and complex illustrations to explore themes like music, love, and family connections. Each of his intricate pieces inspires a deep curiosity in their subjects, making this feed a no-brainer to follow. 

Pawel Nolbert | @pawelnolbert

Nolbert is known for gorgeous, ethereal 3D paint models, and he’s attracted an impressive clientele that includes Google, Apple, Johnnie Walker, and Spotify. The textures and colors within his dynamic, evocative Instagram feed reveal his knack for creating beautifully unconventional work.