Giorgia Lupi’s 2020, in the NYT

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We’ve long been wowed by (and admittedly jealous of) data maestro and Pentagram partner Giorgia Lupi’s meticulous documentation of all facets of her life—and on Sunday, she shared her 2020 far and wide on the cover of The New York Times’ At Home section.

It’s both intensely personal and strikingly universal—she catalogues last hangs with friends; the last time she was in the office; the dawn of omnipresent hand sanitizer; the moment she accepted that she had to set up a longterm home office; and on and on.

As Lupi writes, “Design wise, I would normally go for richer and denser visuals, with many more data layers. This time I wanted to focus on a story that we could all possibly relate to. ⁣


“It is—unfortunately—particularly timely right now, as we are faced with a possible new lockdown season, fearing to lose control over our lives again. But it can also be a reminder that there is hope, there will be new ‘firsts’ when the conditions allow it, and that time flows and passes even if it doesn’t necessarily feel like it.⁣⁣”

Check out the work below.

Images: Pentagram