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Designers are makers—all day, every day. And here at Print magazine, we like to celebrate the designs you create that commemorate an occasion, be it a holiday or special event. That’s why we created Print Celebrates Design, a competition for your cards, gifts & invitations.


Last month in the spirit of the holidays, we rounded up some holiday design. This week we’re bringing you some top-notch holiday greeting card design.

Click 3X Interactive Holiday Card Creator

greeting card design; click3x

Creative Team: Adam Aharon, Adam Pearlman, Ders Hallgren, Esteban Montes, HBJ, Andrew Hess, Juan Delcan, Justin Wolfson, Kerri Moller, Kuni Chang, Melissa Witt, Noella Borie, Ryan Duggan, Sung Kim, Vince Perretti, Tim Dingersen​

Description: Viewers can pick a clip for each number to create a custom 2014 video to be shared on social. For every video that is shared, Click 3X donates $1 to the following three charities: 52nd Street Project, Food Bank and The Phillippines St. Joseph’s School of Mactan.

Jenn David Design Hand-Made Cards

jenn david design; greeting card design
jenn david design; greeting card design

Designers: Jenn David Design

Description: We like to get hands-on the old-school way with our client promos to contrast all the work we do on computers. The “Happy Holidays” card was hand-stamped, hand-punched and hand-embellished with sparkly paint. “Bit of love” was hand-painted plywood and hand-glued sequins with a print adhered in the center.

Wendy Lee Oldfield’s Personal Holiday Card

Wendy Lee Oldfield; holiday card design

Designer: Wendy Lee Oldfield

Photographer: Luminaire Images

Printer: Direct Edge Media

Description from Oldfield:

I love to collect things, so I decided to put together a holiday card featuring favorite items that my husband and I had collected throughout 2013. The front of the card was a photo of all the items. The back cover had a numeric legend, and the interior of the card had descriptions of each of the items and why they meant something to us.

Wendy Lee Oldfield; holiday card design

The other awesome element that I created that paired with this holiday card was an email blast that I sent out on January 1 featuring 365 of my favorite seconds of 2013. I invested in a Kickstarter project called One Second Every Day in late 2012 which is an app that helps you record a second of video every day and assembles these seconds into clips that you can render. Some people do weekly renders, some do monthly ones. I decided to do an annual render. So, at 12:05am on January 1, 2014, I pushed the “render” button on this awesome app, and it rendered my year’s worth of seconds. I added some music, posted the video on Vimeo, and emailed it via an email blast to all my friends and family. So now, in addition to seeing a few of our favorite things of 2013 in our holiday card, they could also watch 365 of my favorite seconds of 2013.

Wendy Lee Oldfield’s BDSmktg Infographic Holiday Card

Wendy Lee Oldfield; holiday card design

Designer: Wendy Lee Oldfield

Client: BDS Marketing, Inc.

Printing: Inland Litho

Description from Oldfield:

Infographics were gaining a lot of steam in 2013, and I thought it would be an interesting idea to use the holiday card as a way to showcase BDS’ services and successes over the year. So I created a holiday infographic card with data that the marketing team collected. I also created a time lapse video of me making the card as a fun little making of to show the company.

Angelbomb Holiday Cards

greeting card design; angelbomb

Creative Director: Todd Thyberg, Angelbomb

Designers: Annie Walsh, Ashley Hohnstein

Printed: Letterpress at Angel Bomb



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