History-Infused Posters for the Total Solar Eclipse

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Artist, astronomer and “night sky ambassador” Dr. Tyler Nordgren has created a series of history-infused poster designs for the impending total solar eclipse on August 21.

Nordgren, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Redlands, is known for his work helping design sundials (or “Marsdials”) for use on Mars, his night sky photography, and his poster designs, according to his website.

His prestigious Milky Way posters, created in conjunction with the National Parks Service, are enchanting enough, but this series of eclipse posters is particularly stunning. The posters, which advertise the eclipse and the American Astronomical Society, feature the US cities and states in the path of the total solar eclipse—as well as more general Americana themes—and leverage American poster design styles from different eras (a psychedelic style for Oregon, traditional letterpress for Tennessee, etc.). Others simply echo the iconic WPA and National Parks posters of the 1930s and 40s.

Because Nordgren (of course) is currently away to view the solar eclipse, he wasn’t available to speak to us about his poster designs, but you can see several of them below, and purchase prints of all of them on his website.

See more at tylernordgren.com.