If “The Queen’s Gambit” Were an ’80s MS DOS Chess Game …

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Pinot W. Ichwandardi has a highly specific set of skills: a senior content creator at VaynerMedia who spent time as a Vine artist for a number of major companies, he is known for his brilliant work with stop-mo, animation and old-school tech.

As he told Esquire, “I collect some retro gadgets. In my opinion we cannot just collect and then put it as a decoration somewhere. I need to use them, just like the old days.”

And use them he does.

For his latest project, Ichwandardi broke out a Tandy1000 (released in 1984 for sale in Tandy’s RadioShack stores) and an AppleColor Composite Monitor (introduced in 1985), alongside a copy of IBM PC Storyboard 2.0, and brought the Netflix hit “The Queen’s Gambit” to life as an MS DOS chess game from the ’80s.

The results: Oddly fitting, and oddly satisfying (and so well-executed that we kind of seem to remember playing it …).

Check out Ichwandardi’s moves below—and for more of his process and output, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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