Lettering and Typographic Canvas Prints—a Perfect Pairing

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Typographic and lettering-based prints have a timeless appeal. Whether they feature an inspiring quote or lyrics from your favorite song, an elegant word-art print will complement almost any interior design scheme. The photo printing experts at CanvasDiscount.com are here to explain what makes typographic and lettering prints so reliably popular.

A Great Fit for Any Interior Space

The appeal of this style of prints lies in its compatibility with practically any style of interior design. Looking to set a warm, inviting and personable ambiance? A handlettered positive affirmation or mantra will do exactly that. Going for charmingly rustic cottage decor? Vintage typewriter letters printed on canvas will match the look perfectly. Or maybe you prefer sleek Scandi minimalism? No problem—a literary quote on a solid white background will only add to the mood of sophistication.

Monochromatic or color, witty or serious, typographic canvas prints have been prized ever since mass customization became possible. Part of the reason for their popularity is their simplicity—though simple shouldn’t be confused with basic. A sentence, phrase or even just a single letter can pack more emotional punch than a detailed and saturated image.

A Trend That’s Never Out of Fashion

Look at a contemporary apartment and you might notice that many of the design features involve some form of typographic work. Whether that’s wooden letters, signs, wall decals or canvas prints, elements of word art appear frequently on Pinterest interior design boards—not to mention in IKEA showrooms.

The appeal of typographic or lettering-based canvas prints also owes a lot to their accessible nature. Even if you don’t specialize in typography, all you need is the basic software, or the unique flair of your script to create your very own personalized print.

As for backgrounds, the sky’s the limit. A solid white backdrop is the classic option, but you can also use images of starry nights, drone shots, family photos—the possibilities are limitless. You could even try a straightforward alphabet print for your child’s room—aesthetically pleasing and educational, too.

Typographic prints give immense creative freedom, letting you express yourself with a powerfully simple message. You don’t need more than two or three words to channel eternal truths and emotions. A simple message of love and affection will work wonders in keeping your spirits up, while a philosophical reflection (perhaps expressed in verse …) will give you a fresh perspective and help you get inspired.

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