Logo Prices Slashed

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Anyone who watches a fair amount of television knows that there aren’t that many new ideas going around. It’s okay. Us TV-ophiles aren’t hard to please. After a long day at work, you have a beer, turn on the tube and try to suspend your disbelief for as long as you can. But just because we, the audience has checked out, doesn’t mean the networks have to.

Lately I’ve noticed a disturbing trend that defies even the most basic laws of the lazy creative mind. For such a wealthy and ostensibly competitive industry as American TV, you’d think one or two of the marketing folks would recognize when a logo they’ve approved for a new show looks EXACTLY like something else. That just came out. That same year. I mean, really, the sincerest form of flattery may be imitation but downright thievery (unless you’re in advertising of course) is just plain bad form.

I’m referring to the ubiquitous logo with the diagonal slash through it. Here are just a few examples, and I know I’ve seen more (if you have, too, send them in!). At least “Blade” makes some conceptual sense, but “The Glades”? Oh, and I included Gamer because it was such a bad movie it might as well have been a TV show.

blade the series
glenn close damages
the glades