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The amount of visual beauty one can absorb while strolling the streets of Paris is hard to fathom. When not distracted by the fashionable women, perfectly groomed gardens or intricate architectural details, my eyes are drawn like magnets to the endless collection of signage which sits like a hand-selected little hat atop each doorway leading to a small boutique, restaurant or hotel. From aged, hand-painted signs with rich textures and faded layers of history to slick modern metal signs with perfect letter-spacing, it is clear that the people of Paris continue to be dedicated to the fine art of typography and finding a way to infuse beauty into every thing they touch.

Perfectly painted 3D letters…

Aged to perfection…

Love these giant letters painted right on the wall. And the subtle color, looks almost transparent.

These letters have weathered many a storm.

These curly little serifs are just so sweet.

Oh the history on this wall…

Interesting letterforms, different stroke size on the 'e' and unusual 'N' and 'M'.

Love how these serifs just disappear in places…

Keeping it clean and elegant.

Love the placement on building and the strong letters.

Cut out of wood.

Graceful script.

Fun and whimsical.

It doesn't get cleaner than this. Love the simplicity.

The awkwardness of some of these letters gives it charm.

And the award for most personality goes to…

Not sure what I love more, this delicious red sign or the cracked wall above it. Props to anyone who can tell me what kind of letters those are below the PIROSMANI.

Nothing says 'integrity' like the monochromatic, san serif, all caps logotype.

Very unique letterforms. And what a bonus to have that cut-out little bloom in the black wall down below. Such a nice touch!

The pink girly type is perfect for this lingerie boutique, but, the black keeps it sophisticated.

A new sign trying to look aged? I think so.

Love the grey. Organized and tidy type.

Love the contrast between the modern, architectural logotype and the old lace curtains and perfectly-placed statue. The old and the new in perfect harmony.

The gold, green and dark green make this script pop so nicely off the rich wood.

Lastly, I fell in love with this mural that I walked by almost every day in St. Germain. Anyone know the artist? I am intrigued…