Print in Motion Winner: OFF (Odense Film Festival) Trailer

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Entry Title: OFF, Odense Film FestivalDesign Firm / Agency: Stupid StudioClient Company Name: Odense KommuneProduction Company: Stupid StudioCreative Director: Daniel GjødeArt Directors: Klara SwantessonAnimators: Designers of Stupid StudioDesigners: Designers of Stupid StudioCompositing: Klara SwantessonMusic: Ben Hecq

Description of workOFF is a Danish, short film festival that showcases independent films from all over the world. Stupid Studio was approached by Odense’s municipality to create a visual theme that would be animated as the festival’s trailer, in addition to a variety of web, print and outdoor displays.

This was Stupid Studio’s third year in developing OFF’s (Odense Film Festival’s) campaign and on this occasion, we compiled a series of animations, stop motion elements and short clips that would connect to the brand colors / circular shape of the festival’s logo.

Firm Bio Stupid Studio is a Danish motion design and online agency run by founder Daniel Gjøde and Bjarne Christensen. The studio focuses on creating visually prominent campaigns for your telly, online media and other communicative platforms geared towards the culture that surrounds us.

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