Publication Design: “Knoll Works” Works

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A design-focused furniture firm deserves a design-focused catalog—and thanks to the branding agency Gretel, Knoll has one.

Replacing the company’s traditional catalog series, Knoll Works is an annual print publication that features product information for the year, as well as photography and editorial articles.

“We set out to create a publication that inspires designers while informing sellers and dealers,” Gretel executive creative director Ryan Moore says. “By featuring client collaborations, company milestones and designer profiles, the goal was to illustrate the breadth of Knoll’s expertise in planning and product solutions for the modern workplace.”

Each issue is thematic, and 2020’s, which released in February, is prescient: Change.

Gretel sought to infuse the theme deeply into the content, visually and editorially, to showcase Knoll as an evolving and adaptable brand. Throughout the publication, Gretel riffed on Knoll’s traditional brand standards and aesthetics, pushing them a step further.

“Each type of content has its own look and feel,” Gretel head of design Dylan Mulvaney says. “From the letter from the editor, to the index, to short stories, feature stories, product pages and Q&As, you feel change as you move throughout the book. On top of that, each feature story has its own custom color palette, type treatment and layout logic. Even the paper stock changes from heavy and glossy for the photographic features, to thin and uncoated in the informational appendix.”

Change is good. See it all in action below.