Stamping Out Election Corruption—With Stamps

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The U.S. Postal Service—a vital tool in this year’s election, with so many afraid to go to crowded polls in person due to the coronavirus—is under political attack.

So a new design initiative is aiming to help stamp the corruption out.

John McNeil Studio has partnered with San Francisco arts and culture space Proxy SF to erect a “live” mural on its giant street-facing wall at 432 Octavia St. With the framework of the mural—which pays homage to both historical and contemporary graphic elements of the USPS identity—in place, visitors can buy USPS stamps and affix them to the design, supporting the postal system while planting a powerful visual flag.

“‘Stamp Out’ is a means of both protest and proactive support,” JMS Founder/CEO John McNeil says. “By purchasing stamps we help ensure the viability of the USPS, and by putting those stamps on the ‘Stamp Out’ wall, we send a collective message, rejecting the rampant corruption that exists within our political system today.”

Proxy SF will also host smaller posters on the opposite side of the mural “to stamp out other social ills: racism, greed, fascism and nepotism.” They are available for download (and to post up as you see fit) here.

The mural will remain up through Election Day.