The Art of the WiFi Password

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“What’s your WiFi password?”

It’s a question that is ubiquitous these days (though, admittedly, it was a bit more common before the pandemic).

And it’s a question that prompted creative duo Víctor Morón and Jose Hernández, along with Alba Morón, to create WiFi Passter, which is focused on turning WiFi passwords into art.

After asking an initial group of contributors to design their passwords, submissions began to come in organically, and the group has now accrued more than 70 pieces.

“People have been highly receptive and immensely collaborative,” the Amsterdam-based crew says. “We couldn’t be more grateful.”

Their ultimate goal? To offer custom commissions to the public. They’re working on it as we speak—so that the next time someone asks the question, you might be able to merely point.

Stay tuned.

Here are some of the designs so far.