The Brilliance of the Past Year in Turkish Design

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It’s easy to get lost in our own design bubbles—but as Istanbul’s Association of Graphic Designers proves, it’s been a powerful year for Turkish design.

Following an awards ceremony on Nov. 29, the organization’s 39th Graphic Design Exhibition is now online, and the results are a visual wonderland.

Sponsored by Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi, the exhibition features 746 pieces from 283 designers. Mobile events around the collection are currently in the works—as are plans to launch a full Graphic Design Exhibition Digital Archive that will offer a broad look at the past four decades of Turkish design, showcasing the evolution of styles and trends alike.

From among the many, many pieces in the latest exhibition, here are some of our favorites. With a particular emphasis on posters, and a bevy of exciting student work, the future is bright, indeed. Browse the entire collection here.


Ahmet Futtu, Burhan Sohoglu, Halil Sevim / Konya Historical, Cultural and Touristic Places Branding Project
Ceyda Yilmaz / Salt / Where Did We Come From Here
Kubra Cetin / GMK Portfolio Meetings
Seda Yuksel / Now. At Home. Stay With the Music.
Simru Hazal Civan / Plaza
Taner Haydaroglu / Jeff Talks Poster Series
Taner Haydaroglu / Jeff Talks Poster Series
Yaren Yavuz / Balkan Wedding Party No. 4
Tuba Aydin / Factory Filter for Sustainable and Livable City
Kemalcan Basaran / Gallery 11.17 Opening
Yunus Ak / Human Rights Documentary Film Days
Sell the Original / Debris
Eren Su Cybele Yarman / Our Flowing Days
Fatih Musdal / FH Ronaldson
Feyza Filiz / What Were Those Future Holidays
Dilan Dogan / The Istanbul Convention Keeps Alive
Berkay Tas / Daily Poster Series
Beyza Nur Kandemir / One and the Many