The Student Portfolio: Shantanu Sharma

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In light of COVID-19’s impact on design programs around the world—and especially its impact on the visibility of student portfolio shows—we’ve launched a series spotlighting portfolios and projects we love.

BFA design student Shantanu Sharma submitted a single project for possible coverage on PRINT—which subsequently took us on a deep dive into his portfolio. And it’s a damn good portfolio. The School of Visual Arts senior interned at the Type Directors Club, Visual Arts Press and Isometric Studio, and has also served as a TA at SVA and a featured streamer at Behance.

Here, rather than just presenting that one project, we offer a look at a medley of his output, which features both striking design and solid conceptual grounding.

On the hunt for a designer? Hit him up here. (And if you’re a design student with a killer portfolio, send it our way for editorial consideration.)

Melville House Rebrand

“Melville House is a publishing house and bookshop based in Brooklyn. The company features writers whose work focuses on dismantling the past to focus and look into the future. The system is informed by dismantling the new logo, just as the writers break down key subjects in their work.”


“The identity uses warm color to represent the Spanish word Carino, which translates to ‘affection.’ The custom logotype is inspired by Aztec art and architecture. The logotype is accompanied by abstract vector illustrations that connect to form patterns.”


“The task was to create a mail-order catalog for the sale of a collection of items you own. Medley is a mail-order catalog that spotlights my weird body, many ailments and diverse collection of medicines. Typography choice inspired by bacteria and sickness.”

Confronting Unjust Policing

“How do we make sense of the persistent pattern of unjust violence against Black Americans? How can we begin to situate police misconduct within America’s historical context? And how can we critically evaluate and creatively reimagine schools, police, courts and prisons to ensure that every American can live a truly free life?” Produced while Sharma was interning at Isometric.

Writing: Megan Wicks, Waqas Jawaid, Daniel He and Andy Chen

Art Direction: Andy Chen and Waqas Jawaid

Design: Hannah Meng and Shantanu Sharma

Illustration: Shantanu Sharma

Artwork: Jarret Key

SVA Exterior Windows

“Exterior windows for School of Visual Arts’ main building on 23rd and 3rd Avenue in New York City. On the other side of the windows is the printing lab, and the blinds [are] usually down to avoid glare on the computers. That left a blank white facade as the front of the school. The design is inspired by Rube Goldberg’s work and is meant to be a reflection of what happens on the other side of the windows.”

How to Kill Time in Quarantine

“A few things to do to keep busy during a pandemic.”

Kanpai Cocktails

“Visual identity and packaging design for a new line of canned cocktails by Brooklyn restaurant Rule of Thirds. Isometric designed a lighthearted and whimsical visual identity and packaging system to lift people’s spirits, complete with custom typography and illustrations. To convey the cocktails’ concepts and flavors, we developed a central character, loosely based on a co-founder at Thirds, who takes on different personas based on the story of each cocktail: an art connoisseur for ‘Exit Through the Teashop’ or a trumpeter for ‘Jazz Lingo.’” Produced while Sharma was interning at Isometric.

Art Direction: Andy Chen and Waqas Jawaid

Design: Hannah Meng and Shantanu Sharma

Illustration: Shantanu Sharma