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Does anyone know who holds the record for world’s smallest magazine? Well, La Perruque is definitely a contender … if not the undisputed winner. This 1 x 90 cm publication is printed on the margins of print shop papers, which are trimmed away from printed matter during the regular production process. But instead of sending these bits to the waste bin, Olivier Bertrand turns them into objects of obsession for type and design lovers.

Each issue of La Perruque features a typeface specimen and an article documenting the process of its design. Previously featured typefaces include Good Girl by Marion Bisserier, Cucina by Lucas le Bihan, and Kopy Me by Swiss Typefaces.

La Perruque showcases experimental typography projects,” explains Bertrand. “It is also a place for type manifestos and in-progress fonts.”

La Perruque recently got a website redesign that archives each issue. To celebrate the launch, the La Perruque team is releasing three new issues of the magazine at once.

Order your copies, sign up for a subscription, or simply learn more about type by visiting the La Perruque website.