Today’s Obsession: 100,000,000

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Soooooooooooooo, ignoring Gawker’s trademark snarkiness and refusal to get art, there’s a gorgeous project there that they picked up from the Tate Modern. This is an installation of a hundred million porcelain sunflower seeds created by Ai Weiwei. He says it’s symbolic of his interactions on Twitter, which makes perfect sense to me, but only if you also include all the sensory experiences of these seeds.

Imagine the grandiosity of being in a field of a hundred million smooth porcelain shapes with the mental association of a seedlike shape, imagine the sound they make when they touch and slide against one another, against a shoe, against skin, and imagine the coolness of the porcelain against skin. A lovely reminder of each idea’s value seen simultaneously with the collective’s value, a gorgeous combination of macro and micro.

(Photo via AP)