Today’s Obsession: from Nickelback to Bickelnack

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Sooooooo, one of my guilty pleasures is Nickelback. Since I’m from Tennessee, whiskey-soaked stripper rock made for cranking to eleven so you can adequately punch some dude’s teeth down his throat is a natural choice for my soundtrack. It’s complete poseur rock for rock bitches, utterly unauthentic, and I’m totally okay with that. I adore trashy pop music. Frigging love it.


Music Machinery is a blog about music and (guess!) technology (yay, you got it right!), and the myriad combinations thereof. In this fascinating experiment, the author has created a program that breaks Nickelback’s “Burn It to the Ground” down into its smallest segments, then reorganizes the segments by replacing the original with another that sounds most similar.

The results are … freakishly consistent with the original song? It’s scary. Linguistically, it’s like listening to the song transcribed into another language that sounds like English. Musically, it’s a great exploration of the nature of modern pop, and how addictive patterns combined with power chords can really be.