Today’s Obsession: Treesaver

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Since this is the web and today is Monday, obviously we have a new platform for online magazine publishing making a bit of a soft debut. I swear I feel like I’m working in 1997 again.

A few days ago, one Mr. Roger Black and his team debuted some prototype issues of a magazine to launch in January (I’m assuming there’s an understood “-ish” attached to that) set in a new design framework for devices which will handle HTML5, called Treesaver. The issues are in a private beta, but if you look to this link, you’ll see what you’d be expecting. It’s a completely instinctual reading environment that anyone could understand in mere moments. you go back, you go forward, you bookmark pages you like, you look at articles, and that’s it. Easy.

The platform is marvelous; it’s a framework of HTML/JavaScript/CSS (which, you’ll note, is really exactly the same thing as a website), but the platform itself delivers all of the technology, so you as a content developer don’t need to futz with getting the simplest things to work—which has been the dominant model of work on the web (or in any browser, for that matter) for nearly a decade now.

The four things i really love about this:

  1. It uses existing technology that newer browsers can view.

  2. It pre-builds the technology.

  3. It’s licensed like a piece of software, so if anything needs to be fixed, that happens outside of your realm

  4. It works with other items Roger’s various companies have created: ready-made magazine templates, and web typography of a higher quality.