Top Five Pattern Designers To Follow On Instagram

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Repetition, like everything else in this beautiful world, has its negatives and positives. Negatively speaking, finding yourself in a repetitive cycle, work, eat, sleep, repeat, can be vicious and soul-sucking. On the flip side, however, having a routine and sticking to it can be highly satisfying. It’s about finding balance, and while easier said than done, finding perspective balance is key to creating both a better lifestyle and one that’s filled with inspiration around every corner.

Today we’re sharing five pattern designers that work closely with repetitive designs; they’ve each discovered the harmonious balance to create beautiful patterns that pop of the page and inspire you to do everything you’ve dreamed up. Dramatic? Sure. But these designers are so inspiring I couldn’t help myself.

So if you’re feeling stuck in a rut, or at least an Instagram rut, give these artists’ pages a follow, and you’ll soon find the inspiration to interject some spontaneity into your routine.

blockprints everyday | @365blockprints

Not only is this account filled to the brim of inspiring patterns, but there are new posts every single day; in fact, the whole intention behind this account is for Stefano Stoppani to create a new block print with the same size restraints every day for a year. So while the colors, patterns, textures, and emotions differ from day to day, the image of the design stays the same, creating a feed of pure aesthetic satisfaction. Seriously, there’s no lack of inspiration from this account.

Michelle | @michelle.parascandolo

What’s better than florals, you ask? Floras that infinitely repeat to create the most elegant floral patterns. Michelle is the designer behind the lovely account that showcases endless floral pattern designs. From colors ranging from soft blues to vibrant pinks and oranges, you won’t be able to look at this account without feeling overjoyed with a love of nature. Michelle is a freelance surface pattern designer and illustrator based in New York City and has worked with a long list of clients such as Golden Coil, Little Stocking Co., Happy Wall, Elle Decor, Nice Laces, Kavka Designs, Wayfair, Backcouture, and LoveHandle.

Studio ROSAGRAU | @studiorosagrau

If you’re a fan of color, precisely colors ranging from pinks to greens to fluorescent blues, you’re going to want to follow this account.

Hannah Nagel is a surface designer based in Hannover, Northern Germany. With a background in color design, it’s apparent that she knows exactly how to mix colors and shades to create overwhelming feelings of joy and contentment. Hannah has worked with clients ranging from Baby Mori to Jung Design. One of my favorite patterns on her account was recently posted, and it consists of a bright cobalt blue paired with a bubble gum pink (my favorite color combination) with a fabulous line pattern flowing through the prefixed Instagram square. Like the ocean, I could stare at this pattern all day and feel utterly content.

Jeanne McGee | @jeannemcgeeart

Based in Minneapolis, Jeanne McGee is an artist who works with multiple mediums, including textile design, drawing, and printmaking. On her Instagram, you’ll find intricate patterns that range from light and sweet to dark and moody. Throughout her posts, the range in emotions feels like you get a behind-the-scenes peek into the artist’s mind. One of my favorite posts is a glimpse into her sketchbook that features four compositions, one orange, one yellow, one red, and one blue, showcasing four different pattern overlays. The textures are glorious, and having each of the beautiful compositions right next to each other creates an endless artful loop for your eyes to feast on.

Amy MacCready | @amymaccready

With over ten years of experience in graphic design, specifically as a surface pattern designer, corporate branding, illustration, and advertising, there’s no denying that Amy MacCready knows how to create stunning designs. Her Instagram account is filled with hundreds of patterns, often, but not always, symmetrical. Her color palette usually sticks to more muted and neutral tones, yet the illustrations breathe vivid life into the patterns. Not only does she share time-lapses for how her designs came to be, making for lovely behind-the-scenes storylines, but she also shares inspirations that she finds in her daily life and shares them in her highlights. So often, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, but Amy proves that inspiration can be found anywhere, from a garden store to wallpaper behind peeling paint.