Your Moment of Design Zen: Neue’s New Norwegian Passports

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There are many reasons we’d happily move to Norway.

The picturesque fjords.

The castles.

The Northern Lights.

Not living in a country where Donald Trump is president.

But of any given reason, the one that has really won our hearts today is Norway’s new passports, designed by Neue.

As the Oslo-based studio details, “The objective of the two-step design competition was to develop a unique concept with a widely recognizable theme and a functional design of high quality. The winning concept and theme was to be based on several criteria: To have a clear expression of Norwegian identity, be creative and innovative as well as maintaining traditions, and to remain relevant for many years.”

And then there’s the practical considerations such as, you know, verifying one’s ID, and all things security.

As Neue worked on their pitch, they took a look around them. And the solution was, quite literally, right before their eyes.

“The design has to create a sense of belonging and connection across age, gender and regions in Norway. Therefore it was important to look at our historical foundation and what in the Norwegian culture creates a sense of belonging. It’s nature. It is, and has always been, part of our history.

“The landscapes surrounding us give a sense of belonging and pride, and fill a symbolic function for the entire nation.”

Moreover, Norwegians recognize their natural environment as much for its aesthetics as they do what it gives back to them in symbiosis.

“By using illustrations of single parts of a wide Norwegian panorama, from north to south, we want to show the contrasts in landscapes and climates that have shaped us, offered opportunities and resources, places for recreation and the scenes of important historical events.”

Take a look at the design below. We’ll follow up shortly with a how-to on pathways to dual citizenship.