15 Quotes for 15 Years of Design Matters

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Last week, Debbie Millman’s podcast Design Matters turned 15, and to ring in the occasion, we’re looking back on 15 years of episodes to spotlight some of our favorites. Within the archive, there are the legends of graphic design—think Massimo Vignelli, Paula Scher, Louise Fili—some of whom appeared on the show in its earliest days when it was broadcast from the Empire State Building using two telephones for audio. There are landmark musicians (Amanda Palmer) and directors (Thomas Kail). There are brilliant authors (Roxane Gay, Chanel Miller). There’s … the Richard Saul Wurman episode.

All told, the 450+ installments of the show form a mosaic of contemporary culture over the past decade and a half.

Here, Millman has illustrated 15 quotes from 15 episodes, which are paired below with the full audio from the archive. For much more, visit the Design Matters website.