A New Documentary Seeks to Share the Stories of BIPOC Designers

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Toronto-based graphic designer Michael Sinanan of Brainmetal Communication + Design is turning his creative energies toward a documentary—and he’s currently on the hunt for BIPOC stories to feature.

“Being a POC creative, the journey over a career has been nothing short of its own share of peaks and valleys,” he writes. “From the moment we knew we were creative and tearing through our first set of Laurentian pencil crayons, we’ve been looking for respect, to be taken seriously and the opportunities that others are given.”

With an eye toward a 2022 release, All Colour Is will focus on creatives from the realms of graphic design, industrial design, interior design, architecture, fashion, advertising, illustration and photography. The subjects Sinanan has connected with so far include design anthropologist and researcher Dori Tunstall, RHED’s Del Terrelonge, designer Michele Y. Washington, designer Glenford Laughton and senior creative management professional Sandra Gayle.

“The current state of affairs has led to an uprising of thought and communication amongst the masses,” he writes. “The outpouring of support for #blacklivesmatter cannot be measured. I’m asking you, black and POC creatives, to get in touch and let the stories of our journeys be told. This film, All Colour Is, will be the story of those stories.”

To share your story, email Sinanan here—and stay tuned to PRINT for more about the project as it progresses.