ART FOR CHANGE Fights for Reproductive Rights Through Art Sales

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The devastating reversal of Roe v. Wade this past June has left many Americans wading through cycles of anger, frustration, fear, and hopelessness. These emotions can feel paralyzing at times, as many are left wondering about what can even be done in the face of such tragedy. The online art platform ART FOR CHANGE has found the emotional wherewithal to spring into action, and is partnering with Planned Parenthood Greater New York (PPGNY) to raise funds through the work of artists Arghavan Khosravi, Hein Koh, and Maggie Ellis.

ART FOR CHANGE commissioned three pieces from Khosravi, Koh, and Ellis, and will donate a portion of the proceeds from these works to PPGNY in support of their ongoing fight for reproductive justice. This model is the basis of ART FOR CHANGE’s greater mission. They connect socially conscious art collectors with in-demand contemporary artists, and then donate a portion of every purchase to relevant nonprofits, while the artist receives 50% of the net proceeds from each sale.

“The consequences of abortion bans fall largely on people who already face the greatest barriers to health care due to this country’s legacy of racism and discrimination, including Black, Latinx, and Indigenous communities, people with low incomes, LGBTQ+ people, immigrants, and people living in rural areas,” the ART FOR CHANGE team said in a statement. “As developments of this case continue to evolve, ART FOR CHANGE will always stand with those who advocate, provide resources, and support all affected.”

The first print from the project will be released by ART FOR CHANGE August 15, followed by the second on August 17, and the third on August 19.