Blink is the New Black: Introducing the Blackest Black Ink

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What’s blacker than black? Blink!

Designers and scientists alike have been trying to out-black themselves for a while now, embroiled in a never-ending pursuit to formulate the blackest black. In 2016, Anish Kapoor created the world’s blackest black paint called Vantablack, which absorbs 99.96% of light. Vantablack gets composed with a “nano-material” robbing objects of all dimensions while delivering mind-bending 2D illusions of sculptures and even BMWs.

Then in 2019, MIT engineers developed a material ten times blacker than any other previously existing black, including Vantablack. Now, artist Stuart Semple has concocted the blackest black ink to ever have blacked called Blink.

Blink isn’t Semple’s first foray into the black realm, as he previously released an open-source acrylic paint called BLACK 2.0 in response to Kapoor claiming exclusive rights to his Vantablack pigment. He then came out with the BLACK 3.0 update in 2019.

Blink is the deep, dark outcome of a Beta test that included over 1,000 artists, all in the name of sourcing the blackest ink imaginable. Semple designed the product for calligraphy, pen art, and your most intense love letters with its high contrast pigment. Blink is now available for $15.99 a bottle at Semple’s art store, Culture Hustle USA, where those who prefer brighter tones can also find “the world’s pinkest pink.”