Climb Aboard the Pantone Trolley

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A new green just dropped!

HK Tram Green has hit the streets, conceived through a thoughtful collaboration between Pantone Color Institute and HK TRAMWAYS, Hong Kong’s tram system that’s chugged through the city for over a century.

Endearingly dubbed “Ding Dongs” by the locals and globally regarded, HK TRAMWAYS has long been beloved mobile emblems of Hong Kong’s commitment to innovation and connection, serving commuters, tourists, and the entire community of Hong Kong Island for over 100 years and counting. While deeply proud of this rich past, HK TRAMWAYS is also committed to looking down the road to the future, keen on paving the way forward by prioritizing sustainability and eco-friendly systems.

So how could one color encompass all of these elements? The masters at Pantone were game for the challenge, mixing up a rich, verdant tone that I have a distinct urge to walk through while barefoot.

The color purveyors imbued the color with a sense of warmth and growth, creating a welcoming character that exemplifies the spirit of Hong Kong. Meanwhile, its unmistakable lush grass connotations make for an obvious nod to nature and HK TRAMWAYS’ commitment to the environment, as their double-decker fleets have been completely electric since their launch in 1904. HK Tram Green is a pleasant and approachable class act that deftly pays homage to the tramway's history and international icon status, evoking tranquility, relaxation, and inner peace.

In a press release, Pantone wrote that it's “a refreshing and restorative green tone that alleviates stress and calms the spirit. Naturally fertile HK Tram Green inspires relaxation, enabling us to reinvigorate and replenish. Promoting balance and harmony, HK Tram Green enhances our sense of well-being, encouraging connection and community and cultivating our ties to others.”

Essentially, all of the things you want to feel while sandwiched between your fellow commuters.

Informed by their past and heritage of Hong Kong yet fueled by the future, HK TRAMWAYS continues to set the tone for what public transportation can achieve, with no signs of slowing down. Fortunately, they now have a color that can keep up.