Cup Noodles Celebrates 50 Years With Special Edition Ramen-Flavored Soda

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It’s time to awaken your inner college freshman for Cup Noodles’ latest offering: ramen—flavored soda. If you’re confused, you’re not alone. But at least this will give all of the frat boys out there something new to bond over.

The befuddling special edition product was concocted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first-ever noodle cup, with Cup Noodles’ parent company and the inventor of instant ramen, Nissin Foods, unveiling four unique varieties of ramen soda, each based on a different existing instant ramen flavor.

The soda flavors consist of an original broth coupled with ginger-ale, seafood with cream soda, curry cola, and chili tomato. I know, it’s a lot to take in. And get this—you can’t just buy one. The sodas are sold in special 50th-anniversary packages featuring the beloved branding of all four flavors along with eight Cup Noodle soups and eighth Cup Noodle Umaibo snacks because, well, why not?

A limited stock of 15,000 sets was available for pre-order through Nissin Food’s site; alas, they have already been all slurped up. But the frat house need not fret! Boxes of the four sodas coupled with nine Cup Noodles will be available from various online retailers starting September 17th.

Good luck to all of those adventurous enough to give these a try, but it’s a hard pass for me on this cockamamie delicacy.